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Do you Suffer From Appetite Loss? Medical Cannabis Can Help

medical cannabis

We’ve all heard of the munchies, an increase in appetite that can occur after cannabis consumption. When members of the general public buy marijuana online, the subsequent amplified desire to snack may come as a negative. Largely driven by the media, munchies equal weight gain, stomach aches, sugar crashes, and an empty pantry. Why would […]

How to Order Recreational Marijuana in Canada

recreational marijuana

How does one buy recreational weed online without physically seeing, touching, and smelling the fragrant buds of a potential purchase? Online dispensaries have up-leveled our access to quality cannabis and made it easier to find what we want.  There is access to many strains, products, and grades to suit any outcome desired with online shopping. […]

Women and Weed: The Effects of Weed on Female Health

cannabis weed

Sex and gender play a role in health in myriad ways. The medical world recognizes that gender evokes varying symptoms and treatments. For this reason, the type and level of care provided for women are specifically studied by women’s health experts. Scientists, researchers, and medical professionals are examining diseases and illnesses that are unique to […]

What is Cannabis Oil, Extract and Concentrate?

cannabis oil, extract and concentrate

Navigating the world of cannabis concentrates for sale can be confusing and overwhelming. To keep it simple, just remember this: All extracts are concentrates, but not all concentrates are extracts. Does that make sense?  Most users desire only a few notable characteristics from cannabis, regardless if it’s for recreational or medicinal use. They typically want […]

Marijuana Caviar vs. Moon Rocks: Is There a Difference?

Marijuana Caviar vs. Moon Rocks: Is There a Difference

Both moon rocks and caviar are considered to be the best when it comes to weed products. They can give you a very strong high. If you like high levels of THC, then moon rocks and caviar are for you. Moon rocks are on the next level of cannabis use.  There is not that much […]

Best Marijuana Strains for Social Events

Best Marijuana Strains for Social Events

Marijuana has blessed us with a perfect strain for every situation. It seems to make everyday activities better and brighter. Smoking some good herbs can complement food, daily activities, and even making the mundane enjoyable.   Social gatherings require a certain kind of energy. For some of us, alcohol is the perfect solution to help loosen […]

Strain Review: AK-47

Strain Review AK-47

Sativa-dominant hybrids have been exploding across the marijuana community and quickly becoming a fan favourite. Sativa hybrids are special, as they offer a sense of clear-mindedness, and some users report they can help alleviate pain. This is what makes them a popular choice for those that want to enjoy cannabis during the day and avoid […]

What Is Weed Caviar?

What Is Weed Caviar

Using regular strains of marijuana can help you get high. However, if you are searching for something more effective and potent, consider using a cannabis concentrate. You can find many different types of concentrates, from pieces of shatter to hard bricks. You can break apart some of them for vaping, dabbing, or smoking. But if […]

Marijuana Beverages and Drink Recipes

Marijuana Beverages and Drink Recipes

When it comes to enjoying cannabis, there are many ways that you can choose to do so. While smoking cannabis is incredibly popular, edibles are all the rage, as well. One often-overlooked alternative to edibles is to drink your marijuana. Making a marijuana drink is much easier than you may realize, and there are numerous […]

5 Innovative Marijuana Accessories

5 Innovative Marijuana Accessories

Cannabis consumption varies depending on the user’s preference, purpose, and level of curiosity. The desire to get different effects from marijuana continues to bring forth innovative accessories. These new tools allow you to eat, vape, inhale, smoke, and even apply marijuana on your skin.  The latest technology and the cannabis industry have been merging to […]

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