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CBD Tinctures vs. CBD Concentrates: Is there a difference?

CBD Tinctures vs. CBD Concentrates: Is there a difference?

So, you’re looking to try some CBD products and may not know what exactly the differences are between each. With CBD tinctures and CBD concentrates being two of the most popular ways to enjoy CBD in Canada, we’ve broken down the differences to help you decide which to buy. While incredibly similar and often used […]

Is Marijuana a Safe and Effective Medicine?

Is Marijuana a Safe and Effective Medicine?

In July of 2001, Canada legalized medical marijuana for individuals with HIV/AIDS, cancer, and a variety of other illnesses. In 2018, it was further legalized across the country for recreational use. Now it’s easier than ever to purchase both regulated medical cannabis as well as recreational cannabis in Canada, thanks to online retailers, mom-and-pop pot […]

How to Tell the Difference Between Marijuana and Hemp

How to Tell the Difference Between Marijuana and Hemp

People often confuse marijuana and hemp, believing that both can get you high. Many aren’t too sure what hemp is used for and believe that both are illegal in many countries, which is not the case. While the two are both forms of cannabis, they’re incredibly different. What is Marijuana? Legally defined, marijuana is cannabis […]

THC and CBD Edibles in Canada: Everything You Need to Know

THC and CBD Edibles in Canada

THC and CBD edibles are a great way to enjoy the benefits of both cannabinoids without having to smoke the plant material. All you need to do is create a cannabis infusion with some sort of cooking oil — it can be butter or vegetable oils — and add it to your favorite recipe to […]

Does CBD Boost Sports Performance?

CBD for Sports

Cannabidiol, popularly referred to as CBD, is one of the most remarkable compounds found in cannabis plants. It works harmoniously with the human body and is useful for many things: minimizing inflammation, depression, and stress and anxiety, to name a few. People can now openly buy CBD products online in Canada, which is handy for […]

Your Guide to CBD Capsules: What You Need to Know About This Form of CBD

Your Guide to CBD Capsules

CBD has become insanely popular in recent years. This natural, non-psychoactive compound is making big headlines in the online press for a few reasons. For one, CBD has no intoxicating effects on users — it doesn’t make you feel high like THC does. On another note, this compound appears to have a wide range of […]

The Ultimate Guide to CBD Tinctures for Beginners

The Ultimate Guide to CBD Tinctures for Beginners

As cannabis-based health supplements become more widely available and socially accepted, it goes without saying that people may have questions. After all, CBD is still something relatively new on the market. While cannabinoids like CBD hold great potential in helping with many health issues, it may be hard to know how to incorporate them into […]

CBD vs THC: What Are the Benefits?

CBD THC Benefits

The legal use of cannabis is on the rise. Today, we know a lot more about the plant than we did 10 years ago. Cannabis consumers are becoming more aware of the benefits of different cannabinoids; they’re also more curious about their options. Cannabidiol (CBD) and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) are the two most abundant compounds found […]

CBD for Depression

Experiencing depression is something many struggle with, silently or with someone they can trust. The World Health Organization claims that depression victimizes over 350 million people across the globe. Common treatment practices center around pharmaceutical drugs such as antidepressants, serotonin inhibitors, antipsychotics and other medications. However, if used frequently, these medications can become addictive, while […]