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Marijuana Caviar vs. Moon Rocks: Is There a Difference?

Marijuana Caviar vs. Moon Rocks: Is There a Difference

Both moon rocks and caviar are considered to be the best when it comes to weed products. They can give you a very strong high. If you like high levels of THC, then moon rocks and caviar are for you. Moon rocks are on the next level of cannabis use.  There is not that much […]

What Is Weed Caviar?

What Is Weed Caviar

Using regular strains of marijuana can help you get high. However, if you are searching for something more effective and potent, consider using a cannabis concentrate. You can find many different types of concentrates, from pieces of shatter to hard bricks. You can break apart some of them for vaping, dabbing, or smoking. But if […]

The Best Cannabis Extraction Methods for Marijuana Concentrates

The Best Cannabis Extraction Methods for Marijuana Concentrates

The world of marijuana concentrates is vast, and so is the variety of cannabis extraction methods you can employ when making high-THC or high-CBD infusions. Concentrates can be broken into two specific categories: solvent-based and solventless extractions. Each type of extraction affects the purity, consistency, cannabinoid profile, and the flavors of the final product. The […]

Cannabis Distillates: Everything You Need to Know

Cannabis Distillates

The cannabis industry has created ripe opportunities for inventors and manufacturers to create truly outstanding products in the last few years — from e-blunts to vape pens, dab rigs, and THC/CBD strips. Recently, cannabis distillates started to conquer the market of concentrates as the new cutting-edge product. And believe us, you’re going to want to […]

The Ultimate Guide to Cannabis Concentrates

The Ultimate Guide to Cannabis Concentrates

Concentrates are trending among cannabis aficionados. Gone are the times your only option to enjoy the herb was through smoking the flower in a glass hand pipe. With the continuously expanding world of the ooey-gooey goodness backed with beneficial cannabinoids, the true adventure begins where extraction happens. If you’ve never heard about cannabis concentrates, then […]

What Are Live Resin Cannabis Concentrates? Extraction, Benefits & Uses

What Are Live Resin Cannabis Concentrates

When you take a waft from a fully mature, fresh cannabis plant, you’ll understand why so many people fall in love with its aromas. The bouquet of fragrances contained in one sniff of a living flower may completely change the way you look at cannabis. At some point, you may start to wonder whether it’s […]

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