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Ready to buy weed online and looking for Indica strains in Canada? We got you with some of the best Indica strains and mail order marijuana. 

Indica plants are short with dense buds, broad stems and thick leaves. The flowers, leaves and stems are coated in thick THC trichomes that protect the plant from harsh and unstable winter climates.

If you are looking to buy this type of weed online in Canada, look for strains like Northern Lights, Bubba Kush and OG Kush.

How Does Indica Make You Feel?

Primarily used for their calming properties, these strains offer full-body effects that inhibit sleep, provide pain relief, and create a super relaxing high.

The high-quality Indicas for sale in Canada are ideal for smoking during evenings because of their sedative effects.

Common effects associated with Indica strains include feeling relaxed, euphoric, happy, and sleepy. Indicas are commonly known as “nighttime” strains, used for relaxing and unwinding at the end of the night.

What is Indica Used To Treat?

Indica gets you that body high that makes it all that much harder to get off of the couch and increases dopamine, which brings on a wave of true peace.

The strain is also known to decrease nausea, help treat acute pain, reduce anxiety, help combat seizures, as well as aid in treating lupus and multiple sclerosis.

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GRADE: AAA+ | HYBRID $500.00$1,100.00


GRADE: AAA+ | INDICA $35.00$180.00


GRADE: AAA+ | INDICA $500.00$1,100.00


GRADE: AAA | INDICA $30.00$99.00


GRADE: AAA | INDICA $30.00$99.00


GRADE: AAA | INDICA $300.00$800.00


GRADE: AAA | INDICA $300.00$800.00