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Grade: AAA

$99 Oz Sale

Lemon Haze

Small Bud Size

Baked Edibles

MARY’S – Salted Caramel Bar Triple Strength

55mg THC | 1.36mg CBD

Baked Edibles

MARY’S – Nanaimo Bar Triple Strength

140mg THC | 1.36mg CBD

Baked Edibles

MARY’S – Peanut Butter Cookie Triple Strength

140mg THC | 3.46mg CBD

Baked Edibles

MARY’S – Fudge Brownie Extra Strength

55mg THC | 0.53mg CBD

Edible Gummies

SeC – High Seas



House Blend THCA 1g

$99.99 $49.99

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