Boveda Packs 4g


  • Boveda’s one-of-a-kind technology will add and remove pure water vapor–as needed–to maintain the desired relative humidity printed on the front of the Boveda.
  • Using Boveda to Store your Herbal Medicine Can Increase Terpenes by 15% and pound for pound growers see up to a $700 a LB profit increase by using Boveda directly in the storage of large qualities of MMJ.
  • Preserve herbal medicine and other smoking material at 58% RH. Prevent mold and over-humidification while ensuring a proper “cure” and water weight retention.
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Reviews (2)

2 reviews for Boveda Packs 4g

  1. Will

    Works awesome keeps it just right

  2. cdncannabisreview (verified owner)

    Great little addition to any order of nugs.

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