85% pure THC oil packed in a 1ml syringe that can be used to fill vapes, eat, bake with or use in a dab rig/bong. A great edible alternative, use as tincture under your tongue, or swirl in tea and beverages. Try the future of concentrates with this refined and potent product! Raw distillate or choose from from the few flavours we have in stock now.


Earn up to 150 Green Buck Points.

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  1. CannaDan (verified owner)

    Great taste
    Great buzz
    Best price on the interwebs

  2. murray42 (verified owner)

    The Raw is FIRE, super smooth, tasty and stony.

    just ordered the Durban.

  3. Kronik42095 (verified owner)

    Ordered the kings kush and really enjoyed the taste of it. Its nice and smooth compared to some other distillates I’ve tried and gives a great buzz for the price

  4. cdncannabisreview (verified owner)

    Literally some of the best, most affordable distillate on the web, don’t let the price fool you.

  5. Fernando45 (verified owner)

    I tried the King kush and the Green Crack God and really appreciated both of them. This is a real potent thing. And for sure, you can’t beat MGS prices!

  6. murray42 (verified owner)

    I keep coming back, the raw is a staple, the Durban was tasty,
    he KK was great (what I got to enjoy before losing 3/4g), the GCG is quite tasty and a nice viscosity.
    The raw is thick, but definitely potent and smooth.

  7. Gord (verified owner)

    This was part of my first order, I grabbed 3 of the king kush syringes to try the website out. I’m strongly regretting that I didn’t get 5 syringes. If this is your first order get 5 at that price for the quality of the oil it’s amazing the money you save. I would spend 35 bucks for one 0.6ml lower quality oil cart. That’s half a syringe! Really bummed out I didn’t know about this sooner. The king kush was delicious, smooth with a nice kick. Gives a really good indica high. Oil was thick, not watered down like other carts I’ve purchased.

  8. murray42 (verified owner)

    Still puffing away on this. I love it, can’t decide which is my favourite, gelato, King Kush and Durban are all great smoke/vape, but the raw is amazing for oral dosing.

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Syringe Flavour

Hybrid Gelato, Indica Grape Ape, Sativa Chocolope, Hybrid Green Crack God (GCG), Indica – Death Bubba, Indica – King Kush, Indica Super Bud, Raw, Sativa Durban

Syringe Weight

1 Syringe, 3 Syringe, 5 Syringe

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