Blue Master

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Blue Master – is an Indica dominant hybrid which is a cross between the hugely popular Blue Dream and Master kush strain. Popularly known in the cannabis community as “Snoop’s Dream” has dense medium sized nugs that are bright neon green with a dark dusty green patches and fiery orange hairs. They possess THC levels ranging from 18-22% and an aroma of sweet pungent berry. Users describe the effects as light and clean, with a heavy high. There is no sedative comeback unlike most indica only the munchies to follow. It is often used for treating chronic pain muscle aches or spasm and tension headaches.

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Reviews (3)

3 reviews for Blue Master

  1. Nancy Pronovost (verified owner)

    Super bon

  2. tina420 (verified owner)

    Got sent gcg popcorn instead of blue master. No replies back on email or discord.

  3. tina420 (verified owner)

    Got order fixed 5/5

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