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The AAAA award winning Purple Space Cookie strain features crystal coated purple buds, with a sweet grape and earthy aroma. High in THC, this hybrid provides a relaxing, and friendly energy that is perfect for social settings. Medically, Space Cookies can relieve symptoms of chronic pain and stress. Whether you want to wind down, or wind up with friends…this strain is for you.

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Reviews (10)

10 reviews for PURPLE SPACE COOKIE (PSC)

  1. klepto (verified owner)

    got it for a steal during the 30% off for Thanksgiving. I would say this is a relaxing high made me want to eat 20 minutes later. they have a few other buds for a bit cheaper but this one with worth trying out.

  2. Scotty24

    Very purple flowers with a strong potent smell. The quality was great! Good choice

  3. zetterferg

    very nice dense nugs packed with alot of crystals. when ground up its a very nice purple color. very potent smell and stings the nose at first whiff. great buy

  4. Toshaneal96 (verified owner)

    Got 1/2 oz on boxing day sale. Very purple. Smells terrific. Smokes great. Definitely will be buying again. Not to mention great service and delivery time.

  5. timaxos-07 (verified owner)

    smell kind of sweet blueberry i love it , got it w/35% and would rebuy for sure a AAAA

  6. QuiltedBuds (verified owner)

    Lots of purple on the buds with a nice sweet smell though the taste wasnt as good as the smell but not a bad deal with the 35% off winter sale

  7. Stefan (verified owner)

    Very calming and relaxing. I’m really happy I tried this one out! Will buy more for sure!

  8. Fernando45

    Just got the AAA version of this strain that recently was on the 99$ oz sale and I was pretty amazed by the really colorful and nice looking buds. This AAAA version is fore sure fire!

  9. 420 vouch

    Got two ounces for $99 each. This is literally grape flavoured weed. It’s consistently dank everywhere I get it. Easily my favorite strain.

  10. Canadianmomson

    great purple strain! gorgeous nugs, rock hard density coveredin purple shades and crystals. smoke was delicious, grape purple taste. not harsh, thick smoke tho. effect was very hybrid for me, kind of light, but enjoyable exp.

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