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This is a widely known indica crossed strain that provides a sharpened sensory awareness. It has a earthy, citrus smell with hints of incense. Master Kush is perfect for anyone wanting a full body relaxation without the mind-numbing effects that some static’s strains may cause.


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Reviews (12)

12 reviews for MASTER KUSH ULTRA (MKU)

  1. Lyn

    One of the top strains for anxiety and stress. I’d recommend it for everyday use . I really appreciate MGS for this strain.

  2. Topher

    MK Ultra is my go-to strain for insomnia. It’s a very heavy Indica that melts away anxiety and depression, and allows for a very nice sleep. It’s relaxing, euphoric, and doesn’t cause munchies like other strains. I always have this strain on my shelf. 100% recommend it.

  3. Marie

    This stuff has a super head high and body buzz. One of my new favorites from MGS.

  4. Oyando

    MK Ultra is a great strain . It has great smell and flavor, thick smoke that is very smooth. It gives me focus. Very good medicine for stress and anxiety.

  5. Raviel

    I have been smoking this flower everyday for about 3 years now and I have never stopped. It is very potent even with a high tolerance. I definitely recommend it.

  6. Hilda

    This is my favorite strain. It is very potent and smells like no other flower in the market. It’s so addicting and pleasant. It’s all I’ve been smoking for the past 2 years since discovering it.

  7. Diane

    A very fast high . It blocks my back pain and gives me a relaxed and chill feeling.
    I would recommend it too if you’re looking for a stress reliever.

  8. Rita

    I Love this strain, it has an earthy citrus smell. It is great for sleep disorders, mood disorders and insomnia. If you are constantly stressed and in a lot of pain, I recommend this due to its excellent potency. I have had MK Ultra many times and it never disappoints

  9. Jackie

    I smoked this flower last week and I really liked it. Effects came on almost immediately and I felt it all through my body. I will definitely order this flower again.

  10. Chan

    I was completely blown away by this strain. if you have the opportunity to get some, please get it! It is such a great pain killer and a euphoric high that comes shortly after smoking.

  11. Maya

    This is the best strain for someone who smokes for medicinal purposes PTSD for example and many other ailments. It really helps me sleep without any side effects.Only nice vibes.

  12. Cruz

    MK Ultra is one of my favorite strains. Since I started ordering it here, I have never been disappointed. I just ordered more a few hours ago

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